Vialis is a fixed and mobile operator in Alsace (Eastern France). Historically, Vialis started as a gas and electricity provider and gradually evolved to offer more and more services to their customers. Ten years ago, Vialis chose Legos to build its telephony services.

Meet Jacky Hahn, director of TV, internet and telephony at Vialis.

Could you please introduce Vialis?

J.H.: "It is a long story! Vialis is a multi-activity company. We are electricity, gas and public lighting provider in Colmar and its surroundings. Later on, we came to TV services, internet and telephony (through our own networks and third-party optical fiber networks."

Why did you launch a telephony offer?

J.H.: "We actually met with Legos in 2006 as we were looking for partner to help us to complete our TV/internet offer with fixed telephony. It has been well received by our customers and a few years later, many customers started asking for a mobile offer too, in order to centralize all their offer at one provider, Vialis. The idea actually came from our customers."

Why did you choose Legos?

J.H.: "Why Legos? In 2005/2006, we have launch a  call for tenders for this telephony offer. We had 6 providers answering to it... We got to know Legos and exchange a lot. And in these situations it is also a matter of trust. Both parties must get along well and trust each other, and it was truely the case with Pascal Prot."

Why did you create a "community-based" service? Is there a very strong Alsacian identity?

J.H.: "I think that there is a certain pride in being Alsacian, it's true. It is probably a reflect of a long history of this people, which was disputed between France and Germany. Furthermore, there is a strong humanism history and culture in the Rhine region, it created a set of values and specificities... That Alsacian love to underline."

"Being an operator 100% “Alsatian” is definitely a strength and a brand image that we value at Vialis. It is also very very well perceived by the people we are addressing in the region. People are very glad about having an operator that really provides a close relationship (geographically and in terms of values). We provide assistance with a network of ppoint of sales in the region."