Legos is an "operator creator" with a long experience in building fixed and mobile services, enabling anyone to unlock the power of telecoms.

We are an operator creator!

We provide telecom solutions for anyone to become fixed or mobile operator. Our uniqueness is that we are the only ones to propose the entire scope of telecom channels globally: fixed, sms (P2P/A2P) & mobile. We call it our "Convergence DNA". We work closely with our customers to help them grow. We are partners, not providers.

Thanks to this "operator creator" core business, we have developped an high-end core network and strong interconnections. This opened a new market : termination. The telecom wholesale activity now represents a significant part of our activity. These two businesses perfectly complete each other, each one improving the competitiveness of the other.

About Legos

Created in 2002 by Pascal Prot, Legos has a long-lasting experience of creating operators worldwide. In 2014, Legos was granted the status of Full MVNO on Orange’s network. This breakthrough led to a 50% growth in turnover in 2016 and 2017, reaching a turnover of 7 million euros.

Legos already covers 110 countries and has a strong ambition: becoming the first global operator. To do so, Legos has to be declared operator everywhere (as we already are in 12 countries). This would enable us to create alternative telecom operators everywhere. We could create services with no borders, enabling the Telecom revolutions of tomorrow.

Discover our team

Why “Legos”:

Local Exchange – Global Operations Services
Local Exchange: We are a local expert (in Portability, DID regulatory, Legal requests...) in each country we cover. With legos, you can launch your telecom service in the blink of an eye.
Global Operation Services: With more than a hundred countries covered, we can spread your telecom service to the global scale. Become an operator without investment costs and without boundaries!

Legos in figures

110 reachable countries
Declared operator in : France, UK, Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, Belgium, Portugal, Poland, Singapore, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland.
100,000 SIM cards
3,000,000 Fixed and mobile numbers
50,000,000 Minutes /month

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