Our Voice services

Broadband Telephony

We manage your call flow
from end-to-end

With our product “BornSIP BT”, you can provide telephony services with no infrastructure costs.

All you need… is to install VoIP telephones!

SIP Trunk

We deliver call flows to your voice platform

With our “BornSIP Trunk” service, you can originate and terminate all over Europe through your infrastructure, while making savings thanks to our local rates.

What makes us unique: we provide UNLIMITED CHANNELS!

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Cloud IPBX & UC

Add Unified Communication
to your range

From a simple call forward to the most complex scenarios, you can leverage the power of our Cloud IPBX and its UC features (a chat and video/audio conferencing tool).

We provide a variety of phone numbers

Geographical, Mobile, Toll and National numbers all over Europe.

Why Legos
for Voice ?

Unlimited channels
As a Legos SIP trunk customer, you enjoy a full trunk for you and yourself.

A more scalable model that will enable you to on-board new customers without worrying about changes in cost or capacity.

The recipe to scalability!

Optimized on-boarding

Our on-boarding is simple and automated.

You just provide your IPs and payment details...

And you're ready to go!

Hosted Telephony

Based on Broadsoft (Cisco), our UC software is fully cloudified and combines a PBX with a chat and conferencing tools. Learn more

Amaze your customers by adding call intelligence services to your offer: forwarding a calls, simultaneous rings, group calls…

All the telephony magic tricks are available!

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operators trust us

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countries covered

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localizations over the world (Paris, Courbevoie, Frankfurt, London, Singapore) for a full-redundancy

94.4% 94.4%

ASR on our broadband telephony

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