Who we are

Our story

Our story is part of a bigger one. A story about how people can remain friends, even at the edges of the world. A story about how we can work together from New-York to Shanghai or from one room to another. Our story is about what links us, regardless of distances, about the bonds of humanity. Our story is about Telecommunications.

Legos was born in 2002 from a simple idea: make available the power of telecoms to anyone. At that time, I realized that the SIP protocol was about to change the way we communicate. At that time, the “open source” revolution was empowering once-isolated entrepreneurs, like me. At that time, I was envisioning a fully convergent telecommunication. Therefore, I created a platform enabling the convergence of fixed voice, mobile voice, messages (and data a few years later). A platform that was available to anyone with a good Telecom idea: Legos was born.

Our mission

We unlock the power of Telecoms

Ideas drive Telecoms forward. New ideas will help us to bridge the gap between each of us. At Legos, we highly value the Telecom pioneers that brought us the breakthrough ideas of the past. Consequently, our mission is to help the future great ideas to arise.

To bring their ideas to life, innovators need to access the full power of Telecoms: they need to access the full capacity of the network, the best technologies available and the experience of other pioneers. It is the best way to win the race of novelty.

Legos provides them with the tools and advices to unlock the power of Telecoms. We will share our infrastructure, our experience  and our passion with those who dare to innovate.

  • Value #1

    Being open to the world

    We are global by nature. Our team is made of people of all ages and all nationalities.

  • Value #2

    Providing high quality

    We are a team of specialists committed to reliability and quality. We are not just not suppliers, we are partners of those who chose to work with us.

  • Value #3

    Staying agile

    We are built differently to any operator. Our infrastructure is made to evolve, our team is constantly looking for implementing new ideas.

  • Value #4


    We have bold ambitions. Our biggest one is to become an operator in every country. Being audacious is core to our innovation spirit.

  • Value #5

    Having fun

    We play pinball at lunchtime, we name our servers after starwars characters, we believe the best communication channel is a bar table.

Our team

Pascal Prot

Pascal Prot


Adrien Lemoine

Adrien Lemoine

Head of engineering

  • Nadia Youcef
    Nadia Youcef
    Network & System Administrator
  • Svetlana Ordekyan
    Svetlana Ordekyan
  • Patricia Choy
    Patricia Choy
    Regional Manager Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece
  • Gary Quimpert
    Gary Quimpert
  • Sergio Bran
    Sergio Bran
  • Léa Ehoungban
    Léa Ehoungban
    Graphic Designer
  • Scarlett De Wulf
    Scarlett De Wulf
    Account Manager
  • Valentin Demange
    Valentin Demange
    Financial Analyst
  • Thibaud Leblanc
    Thibaud Leblanc
  • Timo Steinhauer
    Timo Steinhauer
    Regional Manager Germany, Austria, Poland
  • Tarek Alassar
    Tarek Alassar
    Regional Manager UK, Ireland, North America
  • Antoine Hoga
    Antoine Hoga
    Regional Manager France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland
  • Fan Zou
    Fan Zou
    Sales Business Manager
  • Matthieu Arlet
    Matthieu Arlet
  • William Houdeau
    William Houdeau
    Telecom Administration
  • Edison Alarcón
    Edison Alarcón
    Head of Operations
  • Nicolas Castro
    Nicolas Castro
    Head of Telecom Admin
  • Michel Gacem
    Michel Gacem
    Project manager
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