A small metal box - 18cm by 22cm - could solve an injustice in Kenya.

Whether you live in a remote village in Kenya where internet access is very difficult due to lack of infrastructure or in the city (without being able to afford an internet bundle, internet is sometimes a luxury.

Resisting to all weather conditions and shock-resistant, this little box may solve the issue. Place it at the centre of the village and, all the sudden, internet is available to everyone.

What is its secret? Simple: 3 small SIM cards carefully inserted, emit a WiFi frequency between 2.4 and 5GhZ.

And its name? "SuprBRCK" (pronounced as "super brick"). The SuprBRCK is developed by MOJA, a Kenyan startup and is a free WiFi hub available to all.
It is accessed free of charge via an application where MOJA also offers a content platform (to which users ca participate) in addition to traditional web content and browsing. Note that this small box can be powered by a simple solar panel. When powered, it lasts 10 hours.

All in all, SuprBRCK is a beautiful example of smart use of SIM cards. A robust and durable connected object with a business model that is in keeping with the times. MOJA therefore greatly contributes to connecting people who till now had no access to the web, while providing a free service accessible to everyone.

This is a great initiative that harnesses the power of telecoms to better connect us with each other.

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