Legos and High Connexion Announce a Strategic Partnership on SMS+ in France


Paris, France - Legos, the European converged fixed and mobile telecommunications operator, is pleased to announce its strategic partnership in the French market with High Connexion, a leading aggregator in mobile marketing and payment solutions in France. This collaboration aims to enhance Legos's service portfolio by adding High Connexion's SMS+ coverage and expertise in monetizing new uses of mobile payment in France. In addition to traditional micro-payments offered by SMS+ (TV/Radio Media Interactivity, SMS games, etc.), this partnership provides Legos's customers access to services such as purchasing transportation and parking tickets via SMS, making donations via SMS, and the ability to purchase tickets (concerts, exhibitions, museums, etc.) also via SMS.

Innovation at the Service of Daily Life

These innovative services are becoming widespread and are compatible with all devices, whether it be a smartphone or a basic mobile phone. SMS+ has already proven itself, and micro-payment developments are built on a solid foundation, allowing for its expansion into new everyday services.

Wide Range of Micro-Payment Services

Legos and High Connexion offer a comprehensive range of micro-payment services, including:

- Media interactivity: TV games, radio, press, and magazines
- Internet code purchase: unlocking online games
- Content downloads: music, games, videos
- Community services: chat and user matchmaking services
- Brand interaction: product information requests, customer service, loyalty programs
- Information services: weather, news, sports
- Donations
- Ticketing: transportation, parking, concerts, exhibitions, etc.

Reactions from the Leaders of Both Partners

Pascal PROT, President of Legos, expressed his satisfaction with this new collaboration in France: "We are delighted to complement our messaging services portfolio (interpersonal SMS, marketing SMS, conversational SMS - Time2chat) with High Connexion's SMS+ capability. Thanks to this strategic partnership, we are able to meet the diversified needs of our customers in the French market. Legos benefits from this one-stop-shop, avoiding the necessity to engage with multiple publishers."

"Our mobile content publisher clients, charities, and public transport agencies all seek to maximize the number of users, customers, and donors who have access to these simple and universal payment solutions," says François Cospain, COO of High Connexion. “Connecting Legos to our SMS payment infrastructure ensures tens of thousands of additional potential customers for our clients.”

About Legos

Legos is the European fixed, mobile and convergent telecom operator headquartered in Paris, France. The company operates in 18 European countries and maintains critical technical infrastructures in France, Germany, the UK, and Spain. Since 2015, Legos has built its white label voice, SMS and Data, fixed and mobile services, and continues to expand its presence throughout Europe and around the world. The group is also a member of the main international telecom associations (GSMA, ITU, GLF, MEF).

Public Relation contact: Elodie CHEN, Marketing & Communication Manager,

About High Connexion

"The agility of a startup combined with the strength of a large group."

At the heart of customer relations, High Connexion positions itself as an aggregator of messaging and mobile payment solutions. Both a Telecom Operator and a Payment Establishment, its growth is constant, and its expertise combined with its technical know-how make High Connexion a creator of new connected experiences that improve and enrich interactions between brands, retailers, associations, or companies and their customers. High Connexion designs and provides innovative tools to inform, promote, entertain, stimulate, alert, unite, or purchase.

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