ITU releases a new international prefix for M2M connectivity

ITU grants a 901 prefix to Legos

Las month, while the tech industry was celebrating the “everything-connected world” at the CES 2020, another IoT news came out more discreetly 

The ITU (the telecom branch of the UN) released a new 901 prefix, a regulation tool meant to harmonize and foster the data roaming of M2M sim cards everywhere in the world. This universal prefix is recognized across the planet.

In each country, mobile operators are prompted to offer a simplified and competitive roaming offer to 901 prefix owners. Therefore, this prefix is granted to a very limited number of operators and Legos is now one of them. 

Legos is proud to be recognized by ITU as a trustworthy partner for the expansion of M2M worldwide and is looking forward to working with its clients on new breakthrough models. 

This new connectivity service will allow CPaaS & IT services companies to offer programmable wireless solutions on a white-label basis. Similarly, it will enable IoT platforms to provide connectivity services under their own brand. 

Legos and its clients will join forces to create a global offer of affordable & reliable M2M connectivity. This new eco-system will enable entrepreneurs & developers to spread their technology with an unparalleled time-to-market. 

About Legos: Certified reliability & global coverage 

Legos will rely on 2 assets to build a competitive M2M connectivity offer. Firstly, Legos will leverage its expertise in telecom resources sourcing to offer competitive roaming rates worldwide. Secondly, as a Full MVNO, Legos built a cutting-edge mobile core network that will flexibly adapt to IoT.

Regional breakout will be foreseen in Europe and in Asia. As we speak Legos relies on several PoPs in France, the UK (London), Germany (Frankfurt) and Singapore for a maximum redundancy. 

Legos is already an operator in 16 countries (ranging from western Europe to South-East asia) and covers 110 countries indirectly. Its DNA is to develop a global coverage while integrating the local specificities of each country (regulation and market benchmark). Subsequently, M2M perfectly aligns with this strategy and the 901 prefix will boost the IoT/M2M offer of Legos worldwide. 

Legos is always open to new projects. If you would like to discuss your M2M projects, our team is available at & on Linkedin

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