Paris, 13 May 2024 - Legos, the European convergent operator of fixed and mobile telecommunications, is thrilled to announce its strategic partnership with Umony, a pioneering firm specializing in compliant communications, archiving, and surveillance solutions. This collaboration is set to transform mobile communication technologies specifically designed for sectors such as banking, finance, and insurance.

As part of this partnership, Umony will introduce two transformative services in collaboration with Legos:

- Secondary Mobile Numbers

Customers across banking and finance in France and Germany will now benefit from an additional mobile number exclusively dedicated to facilitating compliant communication. This secondary number ensures enhanced privacy and security for clients' professional communication needs.

- Multipurpose Numbers for Technical Platforms (NPUEPT)

This service introduces enhanced conversational messaging features, including voice and SMS, enabling Umony’s technical platform clients in France to offer superior service to their customers and improve internal efficiencies, all while adhering to stringent regulatory and governance standards.

Reactions from the Leaders of Both Partners

"We are excited to join forces with Umony to deliver mobile voice and conversational messaging solutions that meet the unique needs of the finance sector and technical platforms," said Pascal Prot, President of Legos. "Through this partnership, we aim to empower Umony to stay ahead in today's dynamic market landscape."

Dean Elwood, CEO of Umony, also commented on the expansion: "Partnering with a premier mobile service provider like Legos allows us to extend our reach from the UK and US into mainland Europe, enhancing our offerings in these markets.”

Legos and Umony are committed to driving innovation and delivering exceptional value to their customers. By combining Legos's expertise in mobile communication solutions with Umony's industry-leading compliance platform and archive, this partnership will set new standards for regulatory compliance, surveillance, security, and customer satisfaction across multiple financial sectors.

About Legos

Legos is the European fixed, mobile and convergent telecom operator. The company operates in 18 European countries and maintains critical technical infrastructures in France, Germany, the UK, and Spain. Since 2015, Legos has built its white label voice, SMS and Data, fixed and mobile services, and continues to expand its presence throughout Europe. The group is also a member of the main international telecom associations (GSMA, ITU, GLF, MEF, AF2M).

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About Umony

Headquartered in London, Umony is a leading technology platform offering innovative financial services workflows with a focus on compliance across multiple jurisdictions. Since its inception in 2018, Umony has been instrumental in providing capture, archive, and surveillance services to major banks and financial institutions globally.

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